December 7, 2015 | By: Judith

Did you know that Holistic Blend donates food all around the world? Today we are talking about Taiwan Guide Dogs and specifically an adorable dog named Anna and her amazing owner Xie Hui Yu.

Anna, a Golden Labrador who lives in Taichung, Taiwan and works as a guide dog for Taiwan Guide Dogs. Anna is two and a half years old and weighs about 98 lbs. She is an active dog, going on long walks, swimming and playing tug of war.

Anna first met her human partner Xie Hui Yu in Taichung, Taiwan and has been her guide dog ever since.

When I spoke to Xie Hui Yu, she said that life changed drastically from the moment she met Anna. Everything was new and exciting, she was learning how to communicate, how to work with Anna and then only two short months later, Xie Hui Yu found out that she was expecting a baby. “It was the biggest surprise ever.”

“Anna stayed with me night and day.” Xie Hui Yu explained.
“She was my greatest support throughout the 38 weeks of pregnancy, always by my side helping me through all the changes in my life. She calmed me.”
I just love Anna.”

How was she with the baby? I asked curiously.

“Anna is the best nanny ever. She would wake up with me for every feeding, even during those long nights she always stayed with me. I never felt alone.”

“We are like best friends.” Xie Hui Yu says with pride.

Now the baby is around one year old and Anna plays like a gentle older sister, always being considerate and patient with the little one. She is my eyes, always watching over him and me, like an angel.

I was curious about the food as I heard that Anna came into Xie Hui Yu’s life already on the Holistic Blend diet. So I asked her a little about what she liked about the food?

She laughed at me and said that everyone knows that food is important, not just for humans, but cats and dogs too. But to her, dog food is everything because of her relationship with her guide dog Anna.

“Having a service dog is different.” Xie Hui Yu said. “They work with you, it is more that just a pet. It is a bond. A relationship. This requires more thought into what you feed your dog. Holistic Blend ensures that she gets all the nutrients and is a healthy and happy dog who has lots of energy to work long hours. Even her coat glows with health,” Xie Hui Yu says with a laugh. “People always ask us what food we feed Anna, because she looks so good. They say “She shines in the sun.”

I always answer “That is because she is my sunshine”