Meet Happy.

February 1, 2016 | By: Judith

Every year Holistic Blend increases their involvement in not only the local communities, but also non-profit charities around the world. It is this company’s methodology to give back, “create positive change,’ while encouraging pet owners to feed their pets good nutritious food that is socially conscious.

Today is an interview with the Taiwan Guide Dog Association. Anita is one of the recipients that receives her Holistic Blend food through the Guide dog program in Taiwan.

Hi there, can you tell me a little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Anita. I am currently living in Taiwan Taipei, I love outdoor activities, mountain climbing, boating, swimming, cycling, camping, and hiking.

I am also a Red Cross volunteer and have served more than 20 years. Every summer vacation or holiday, non-working time, I teach the general public swimming, water survival, rescue, first aid, water safety, self help and other concepts.

Anita, can you please tell us about your guide dog?

Happy, that’s her name. She is a black Labrador, 5 years of age.

I have known Happy since childhood and we do everything together. We travel up the mountain to the sea, along with hiking trails, canoeing together, swimming along the river, and to the beach.

She is my best friend.

There are times I stay up all night working at my desk and Happy can hear the tapping of the keys. She will come to me and use her nuzzle to pull my arm down. This tells me to stop typing on the keys and to go to bed. It is moments like this that make me feel so warm inside. I always respond immediately with a quick hug and then go straight to bed.

She is such a wonderful companion. Always happy, which is why her name suits her so much.

Is it important what you feed your guide dog?

Yes. 100% yes.

Because the guide dog has a special task, I pay extra attention to nutrition and physical health. It is important to remember this one simple rule. NO bad eating habits. This is very important to Happy, so that she is not distracted while working.

So I feed my dog Holistic Blend.

Have you noticed an improvement in Happy’s health and appearance?

Happy is very healthy, maintaining her weight of 27.6 KG. She has lots of energy and sleeps well. One thing I have noticed is that her coat has improved. She has very black shiny coat. Everyone asks me what she eats because of the shiny gloss.

I think it is because of the nutritional ingredients that she is so healthy. I am honestly so grateful to have such a high quality food that sponsors guide dogs like Happy.

We appreciate this amazing company and all the good work that they do around the world.

Thank you.