How Much do you Love Your Dog?

February 29, 2016 | By: Judith

I have to share a story with you about my crazy friend that shoveled her backyard to find a dog toy. Not just any dog toy mind you, Asian dumplings that are just the cutest little things. They make these adorable squeaky noises when her dog Maggie chews on them.

Best find ever!

A couple of weeks ago we had a snow storm in Ontario and Maggie who is a Norfolk Terrier was playing outside with the dumplings as the white flakes came down. Happily chasing the dumplings around the back yard until she was called to come inside.

That day the weather was overwhelming and snow seemed to just keep falling from the sky. Everyone was preparing for the worse. Maggie sat at the window with one of her dumplings whining at the white snow. From the sounds of it, the little dog was crying something awful.

Only one dumpling lay on the carpet. This meant that the other one was outside, under 2 feet of snow.Everyone tried to console the little dog, No matter what toy or treat, she kept crying at the window, scratching the patio door with her paw.

Soulful cries filled the air with despair, so much so that my friend could not take it any more.

“You would have had to have had a heart of steel not to respond to her pain. It was awful.” She wrote. “I felt so helpless when she looked at me with her big eyes, begging me to help her find it.”

So together they put on jackets and boots, grabbed a shovel from the garage and went outside to search for the missing dumpling.

“One hour we shoveled. Searching for that missing dumpling. Maggie stayed by my side digging madly. When I wanted to give up she just barked and kept digging until I found the frozen little toy covered in mud and snow.”

Celebration and joy!