Pets – Your own personal Nurse?

March 14, 2016 | By: Judith

Let me just tell you that looking at the weather network and seeing double digits gives me a personal joy I cannot even begin to explain. That being said, what is it with the weather warming up that sends all kinds of body devastating viruses and bugs into the air??

I don’t know about you – but it seems like everyone is sick. We have taken to calling this unknown devil the ‘zombie virus ‘in my household due to its ridiculously contagious nature.

“Arrggghhhhh Argghhhhhhh”
And yes. You guessed it.

  • Blinding headaches? Check.
  • Sore throat? Check.
  • Cough? Check.
  • Chest congestion? Check.
  • Feel like you have been run over by an 18 wheeler? Double check. ✓ ✓

Being sick is no joke. Your list of things to do doesn’t just disappear and the longer you lie there the more your brain keeps reminding you of tasks – it’s a catch 22.

I digress.

So there I was in bed with ginger tea, Buckley’s and a heating pad. Tucked in and ready for someone to dig my grave. It was then, I started to hear an unusual sound. My first thought was that maybe a double dose of cough medicine was probably not the best idea if I was hallucinating. I soon realized that this was indeed happening on this physical plane. My physical plane!

What started off as skittering in the halls got closer and now was like scratching on the edge of my bed.

This is it! Death has come to take me! After a second of pity and more frantic scratching I decided was going to stare death in the face.

And there it was. Two big brown eyes…my 3-year-old Coton de Tulear.

It took all my strength to pull his 13 pound body up on the bed and I lay there wheezing in a pile of sweat and exhaustion; feeling like my lungs were going to explode right there. That is when Chebe ( my Coton) came right up to my chest and lay right on top snuggling my neck. He lay with me all day- licking the back of my hand, staying close to me. When I would start a vicious attack of coughing he would nudge me over with his nose almost telling me to turn over. When I was particularly weak and in need of assistance he would run off barking until he found someone to lead back to me.

It was amazing.

Like he was a mini nurse in his white costume all ready to go. This started me thinking…

Do all animals have this training?
Are they all in tune with us and our suffering?
Do they all go to mandatory nursing school when we aren’t around?

(The double dose of cough mixture might be helping with this train of thought)

I decided to research if this was common, do many animals react this way when their owners are sick?

I found millions of articles and blogs about people pets and their reaction to emotions and how in tune they could be. Cats staying by your side during stomach flu, dogs calling for help after a heart attack, pigs saving people from a burning building.

I have always known this this little white ball of fluff was amazing but NOW I AM CONVINCED!

Just then I heard a cough coming from my son’s room and off goes my nurse rushing to his next patient.

I think we found the cure to the zombie virus.
Animal healing.