Lending a Helping Paw

April 4, 2016 | By: Judith

As most of you know holistic blend does a wide variety of charity work. On this blog I've talked about different charities like Autism Dog Services, Taiwan Guide Dogs and Nevaeh's charity in West Lincoln.

I know what you're thinking; it makes sense for a company based on pet health and nutrition to do charity work that is related to pets or animals. However, did you know that holistic blend also does numerous amounts of charity work for non-pet related projects?

Today I want to talk about a very special project that is near and dear to my heart. I have talked about having a child with autism before and how his therapy dog aids his day to day life. When I heard that Debbie, the owner of Holistic Blend was donating space every week to an organization called Project Autism my heart swelled with pride.

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day- the perfect time to tell you about this.

Project Autism is a Grassroots initiative that is focused on changing the perception and improving the lives of those affected by autism and all disabilities. Project Autism is made up a family, friends, and supporters dedicated to building positive acceptance and understanding through education and support.

Some of the work that Project Autism does are:

  • Over 72 skill focus classes for children with disabilities ranging from ages 3 - 25.
  • Early job training classes.
  • Monthly parent support events and social groups.
  • Online parental support 365 days a year.
  • Sport programs.
  • Gaming Club.
  • Anti Bullying Club.
  • Movie Club.

Sounds pretty amazing right?

But here is the kicker Project Autism does all these amazing things at 100% no cost to families.

Yes you heard it right 100% FREE!

This is why Debbie supports this program. She not only loves animals but kids too!

As a Grassroots organization, Project Autism has been created by and run by one amazing family who wanted to make a difference. Add to that some fantastic volunteers, supportive community and charitable companies like Holistic Blend who support these community endeavours and you have something truly amazing.

Thank you Debbie and thank you Holistic Blend, you're making the world a little better one paw at a time