Dog Wash Day

May 24, 2016 | By: Judith

Today is the day we take the dog for a new experience - A dog wash! You know what a car wash is? where you can drive through and wash your car? This is just like that except it is a wash for dogs! (kind of)
Our Coton de Tulear has so far only been washed at the groomers - but my son is exceptionally sensitive to advertising. So when he saw the ad for a dog wash at a local pet store he immediately felt that Chebe NEEDED this experience! So we grabbed our shampoo and brushes and we were out the door.
Having autism my son is usually not interested in the day to day running of life. However, this was something that he could not stop thinking about. I think in his mind it would be like a conveyor belt lined with dogs all ready to be washed by various robot arms and twirling brushes and copious amounts of bubbly suds.

In my mind- I am just hoping to come out with an inch of clothing that is still dry.

Off we go! With both child and dog are enjoying the breeze with their head leaning out the window.

Thank goodness there is no-one in the dog washing section of the store, at this point Aiden is jumping up and down with excitement and the store’s resident tortoise shell short hair cat was chasing the dog around the store.
After rescuing the dog and calming down the child we are finally ready to wash and roll. My son is fascinated with the neat collar that is attached to the bath that will hold Chebe in place without hurting him and allowing us to wash him without stress.
We have gotten into a groove with washing and scrubbing - I almost forget that there is a large cat staring the dog down. Large green eyes, filled with so much knowledge, power…
And then before you can say Jack Robinson, there is a change of dynamics, like those whirlwinds that you see in a cartoon - swoosh, and my son is on the counter with the cat in his arms.
Wow. Now the dog is truly upset at his young owner holding this majestic king of the dog wash. The Coton’s whining has risen in crescendo, and all I keep saying is HURRY HURRY.


Phew, we are done!

Wet dog is shaking off all the excess water and jumping up in the tub. this is when I notice that I am alone with the dog. The cat and my son are both gone and it is quiet….


So, taking a calming breath I pick up the wet dog wrapped in the towel and search. This part did not take long as there he was all five feet, eight inches laying on the floor in the middle of the store playing happily with the cat.

What an amazing experience.

I would honestly encourage anyone to give the self-serve dog wash a try, If not for the laughs and giggles, then for the clean pup.

ps: Yes, there is a professional dryer. Hint, do not put your mouth on it. I am not saying someone did this...