Some like it Hot

June 7, 2016 | By: Judith

I love the weather! I say this happily, after spending a couple of yo yo kind of months with unusual weather alerts. My toes still remember the icy cold and sleet covered sidewalks.

So while I am out and about dressed in that summer dress that I had to wait almost half a year to wear, I decided to go and get an iced coffee. One of the things I love about downtown Toronto, is the action. This city is literally bubbling with creativity. People are vibrant in their ethnicity, clothing, language and art. Dogs attached to bright pink, leather collars and strong woven harnesses.

Today I had to visit a friend who stays in the city. I wanted to bring Chebe with me, but as I was going to take the Go Train there and back and I was not sure if Sarah’s apartment allowed pets, I decided against it.

Although with this weather, I am glad I chose to leave him indoors with cool air and plenty of water. Plus, I put on his favourite show, SPONGEBOB. Yes, I know it is strange, but when that music plays he runs over and sits on the couch, his little eyes trained on the tv screen. thinking about it makes me laugh.

It was just then that I noticed this cute little coffee shop with chairs and tables outside. The one I chose had an umbrella and lucky I sat down when I did because someone tried to scoop it up straight afterwards. This is downtown after all.

One Latte and coffee cake later. My body was sweating. Even under the shade of an outdoor umbrella I was soaked with sweat. It was while I was wiping my neck I looked down and saw a Retriever panting under the table of another couple. His tongue was hanging out and his eyes were trained on the floor. My heart stopped.

that forlorn face was honestly all I could think of.

I got up walked inside asked where the dog water dish was for all the furry patrons?

The hostess looked a little flustered when I started sharing facts about dogs not having sweat glands and if I was sweating like a piglet then I was sure that that dog under that table (all my pointing was causing a little staring) was overheating as we spoke. She filled a bowl and brought it out for the golden Retriever and I gave her a thumbs up!


This got me thinking that everyone should know a few simple tips to make sure that their pets stay healthy and safe as the summer heats up.
Here they are:

  • Make sure to always have fresh water available at all times. If you are going on a walk or picnic make sure to pack extra water and a portable bowl for fido.
  • Give your dog a summer cut! Non shedding breeds will not shed their coat accordingly so you need to make sure that they do not overheat with a long coat. A lightweight summer cut will help prevent overheating but remember to keep at least an inch of protection to avoid getting sunburned.
  • Take a break from that workout. Restrict the amount of exercise and high amounts of physical activity in hot weather so that your pup does not exhaust themselves.
  • Hit the pool. Many dogs enjoy taking a dip or splashing in a wading pool on hot summer days. This is a great way to cool off and have some fun without overheating.
  • Avoid hot paws. When the sun is especially hot, surfaced like asphalt and cement can heat up quickly. A dog’s paws are very sensitive and can get burns so be careful.
  • Chill your treats. A great way to enjoy the summer heat is to make frozen treats just for your fido. Try freezing chicken or beef broth, or plain yogurt. This delicious summer snack will be a guaranteed hit.
  • NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN A PARKED CAR. Even if you are only gone a few minutes or parked in the shade. The inside of car can reach temperatures of over 60 degrees Celsius. Even if you plan to be quick – that errand could be fatal for your pet.