Paws Crossed

June 20, 2016 | By: Judith

To cross one's fingers is a hand gesture commonly used to wish for luck.

Fingers crossed that you get supportive parents, nurturing environments that allow you to grow and develop into a self-sufficient adult who can create their own destiny and make their own decisions.

To a dog, cat, bird, or any pet it is always a paws or claws crossed moment. Will my owners support me? Feed me? Nurture me? Love me and care for me forever and always? We know that sometimes the answers are not always pleasant. There is no opportunity for these animals to grow into being self-sustainable pets. They rely on us 100% to love and care for them always.

Knowing this, made me curious, what does it take to make a good pet owner?

Cathy was the first person I asked, she owns a large greyhound, beautiful coat of grey and white, with very distinctive features. She says, “Don’t buy a pet spontaneously, think about it, plan it, research the breed, talk to the family, find a vet, do all this before just randomly purchasing a pet. This is what makes you not only a good pet owner, but more importantly a responsible owner.”

Kiera, who has two furry babies, a Siamese cat and a Yorkshire Terrier named Chloe and Baba. She reminds us all of the importance of obedience training. “I honestly thought I could train Baba and for almost 2 years tried to teach him obedience, but his cuteness overthrew all my intentions. So I hired a trainer who helped me in so many ways. Now Baba is the best trained Yorkshire Terrier around the neighbourhood. And yes, they all applauded me!

ps: Chloe, the beautiful Siamese cat did not do so well with the trainer. She is strong willed and between you and me, she is just perfect the way she is. :)

Don, is an artist in the Halton region who still cares for his 19 year old Australian Shepard. Their relationship is amazing. Honestly I believe that they have the strongest bond I have ever seen. Wherever Don goes, Shawna is close behind. They are best buds.

He reminds me, “DIET, four letter word that means so much to both Shawna and myself. We both follow healthy diets and I believe that’s why Shawna has lived to such an old age.”

“What do I feed her? Holistic Blend. We love the brand and have used it for over 9 years. I wish I had found it when it first was launched to the public.

We still go for walks and play ball, and snuggle on the couch together while we watch TV.

This is probably the last year I have with Shawna, I know that. The vet has prepared us, but I wish she could have lived a little longer. So my message to all pet owners is please choose your food carefully - they deserve it!”

For Noah, the whole responsibility issue when it comes to pets, no matter how big or how small is LOVE. Love love love. “If you love something you will care for it, whether it is the food, the space, the vet, brushing and grooming, you will do it willingly because you love your pet dearly.

When I meet new pets, I always check to see how much they are loved by their owner. That is how I met my wife, Mary. We were in the park when her Shitsu, Moka came running over without a lead. This little 10 pound dog was brushed and happy, tail wagging little ball of fluff with a bright red collar and tags. Mary came running over and apologized, she was so busy patting her dog and soothing her that I could not help but think of how amazing we could be together, and BAM, just like that we were dating and now, it’s all history.”

What makes you a good pet owner? Such a simple question and such a wide variety of answers. All of them together makes the ideal owner and caregiver for any animal- and with all that combined our amazing furry babied don’t have to keep their paws and claws crossed.

No luck needed.