Hero Product - Herbal Calmer

June 24, 2016 | By: Judith

Today’s Hero Product goes to……


The Natural Non-Drowsy Calmer that Works

Holistic Blend®’s Herbal Calmer helps to settle mental and physical nerves, and does not induce drowsiness. Created specifically for the needs of dogs 6 months of age and older and cats 5 months of age and older.

Safe to use daily for:

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Travel
  • Thunder Storms
  • Grooming

Ingredients: Skullcap, passion flower, chamomile, lecithin, vegetable glycerin based.

I received this lovely message from Genevieve in Oshawa, ON and I wanted to share it with you.

“My name is Genevieve and I have a beautiful 2-year-old dog named Zack. I cannot tell you what a difference this product has made to both my German Shepard’s life and mine. Ever since Zack was a puppy he would experience bad separation anxiety and when we went for walks he would cry and whine and shake when he saw other dogs. I always thought he would grow out of it but eventually after a few weeks I told my vet. My vet told me that Zack was experiencing anxiety. She told me that this was different than a fear because anxiety is the anticipation of dangers. Sometimes from unknown sources or even imagined!

I felt so horrible for Zack because even though we took him for walks very early or late in the day to avoid other dogs he was still so nervous every time. During long weekends neighbors would light fireworks and he would be hiding in the bath tub!

We tried everything from weighted blankets and vests to soothing music and nothing worked. I was still very reluctant to put Zack on medication and I was looking for alternative options. That is when I found Holistic Blend’s Herbal Calmer. I was happy to find something that can be used daily or when needed and let me tell you - this works so well. Zack is noticeable calmer and much easier to walk and has even gotten more comfortable with sudden noises.

Thank you so much!

p.s. We still won’t be going anywhere near fireworks though...”

Thank you for sharing your success story with us!