Pet Photography Tournament!

Holistic Blend has teamed up with Canon Canada to launch the Pet Photography Tournament. We will announce challenges every month to which pet owners can enter to win prizes for the most votes and for the best picture.

Each month one Dog and one Cat with be awarded with a months supply of Holistic Blend food for receiving the most votes in the Competition Tab of the Holistic Blend FACEBOOK page (here). There will also be a third prize for best picture, with thanks to Canon Canada the best picture will receive a Canon Elph 100 Camera bundled with Photoshop Elements software (over $300 in value). The best picture will be decided between Holistic Blend and the Designers and Photographers at ODL Designs.

In the 12th month of the competition the prizes will be increased to a years supply for the top dog and top cat, with the best picture prize being a Canon T3i DSLR camera kit with Photoshop Elements bundled!


  1. Read the challenge tutorial to see the theme for the month and get tips on improving your pictures.
  2. Take a picture of your furry friend and (if you feel you have hit a home run) submit your masterpiece to the competition area of the FACEBOOK page.
  3. If you need some help or want to ask a question post your problem picture and question to the Holistic Blend FACEBOOK wall and we will be as helpful as we can.
  4. Submissions will be allowed for the month the theme is running, and the following month (to give late submissions a chance to receive votes).
  5. One 1 submission will be allowed each month per FACEBOOK user.
  6. Only 1 vote will be allowed per FACEBOOK user.
  7. Only votes placed in the Competition Tab will be counted towards the final tally.
  8. Food prizes will be allocated according to votes submitted to the Competition Tab
  9. Camera prizes will be allocated at the discretion of Holistic Blend and ODL Designs based on the merit of the work and its performance as compared to the challenge criteria.
  10. Each months winners will be allowed to submit images to the next stages of the competition but will not be eligible for any additional prizes until the Grand Finale.
  11. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice (in case we forget anything). Our goal is for this to be fun an educational for everyone involved. So let's enjoy and support each others efforts!

Full terms and Conditions (Legal) can be read here.