A Day in the Life: Tutorial No. 2- SUBMISSION & VOTING CLOSED

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A Day in the Life: Pet Journalism

So what is Pet Journalism I hear you wonder aloud. Well for the month of May our challenge is for you to share a picture of your dog or cat doing something they love to do every day.

The picture should be an insight into the type of day to day habits your four legged friend gets up to. For example if all your cat wants to do all day is sleep on the windowsill, take a creative shot of them "in action" :) If you dog will do anything for a treat, why not show us how far he is willing to go!

Now, taking these types of pictures isn't as easy as it seems. We want to see real character showing. Journalism is about telling a story, so if you dog was just caught in the garbage we want to see the guilt dripping off his cute face when he realizes he is caught :P

So some tips for a well caught moment:
• Keep your camera with you for a day to make sure it is there when you need it.
• Get some of your pet's surroundings. So if you cat likes to sit and watch birds through the window, try to show what he is looking at.
• Spend a little time watching your pet to see if he has any patterns to his actions, then try to be ready when the opportunity arrives.

And remember, journalism is about telling a story, so don't forget to fill us in with some details in the description!

The camera and software will be awarded based on the judging of ODL Designs and Holistic Blend. Based on creativity and narrative. So it doesnt have to be perfectly lit, or tack sharp, but only the perfect moment that reveals something about your pet we didn't know.

Good Luck to everyone. Submissions will run until the end of May, voting will end at the
end of June.

Here is Brandi again, and as a miniature poodle there is nothing she wants to do more than lie on someones lap and doze off.