My Pet's Best Feature: Tutorial No. 3

My Pet's Best Feature: Macro Pet Photography

How do you know what your pets best feature is? Well it is that bit that is super cute! One of the most enjoyable aspects of this part of the challenge is that taste plays a big part in the subject matter. Maybe you love that white patch on your cats nose, the colour of your dog's eyes, or the way your pet's tail curls in just the cutest way.

Here we want to see only the detail, full images of heads or bodies is not enough to win, whether you crop your image after taking it or get up-close and personal to get just the right picture we only want to see the details.

Some useful tips:
• If your camera has a Macro Mode (usually the symbol of a flower) turn it on.
• Try to take the picture from an angle where we can tell what we are looking at (so fluffy tails tucked under fluffy backsides wont work)
• Keep the image bright as it helps give more depth
• Take a few, digital images are free once you have the camera :) So shoot, shoot and shoot some more until you have just the right picture.

This is all about being close, my rabbit has a constant smile when you get to just the right angle you can clearly see it! Brandi my miniature poodle had the cutest little white goatee that runs down her chin, and all the way down her chest.

The camera and software will be awarded based on the judging of ODL Designs and Holistic Blend. Based on creativity and narrative. So it doesnt have to be a work of art, but a little detail that others may miss, but you love to pieces.

Here is Brandi's paw, and while it isnt so much the way it looks, I love the sound her paws make as she trots through the apartment.

Good Luck


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