My Pet in Action:: Tutorial No. 4 - SUBMISSION & VOTING CLOSED

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My pet in action: Moving-and-a-shaking

This is probably the hardest challenge to date, taking pictures of our pets on the move takes a great deal of timing, preparation and sheer luck! As we can never predict what our dogs and cats will do next, we have to keep on trying until we get that shot, full of energy and tearing across the picture.

For this challenge, the action could be climbing, playing, jumping, running but they have to be clearing "in action" to have a hope of winning the camera and software bundle.

So, here are some useful tips:

  • Most importantly, take lots of pictures, if you camera has a sequential mode (keeps taking pictures when you hold the shutter button), that could be useful.
  • Watch what your pet is doing, as they generally do it more than one, be ready
  • Focusing can be an issue for many cameras, so predict where your pet will go, prefocus and fire as they run into view
  • Set up the shot, why wait for it, a ball, string, or toy can get most of our little friends going, so use all your tricks
  • And lastly, try and try again, this is a real challenge for many photographers so don't expect a home run.

This is all about energy, and showing how much of it your little fluffy or poochie has :) So lets get them all worked up and catch them in action!

Here is a couple of examples, firstly, brandi happily bounding along with a much larger pet, she really doesnt know her size :)

And one more, is of our very own "face" precious! Bolting for her tennis ball :)

Good Luck


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