Fat and protein enhancer For pregnant or lactating dogs and cats Boosts the immune system
For new kittens and puppies Low protein and fat diet Helps recovering animals gain weight

6.2 oz / 175 g

Our Food Booster is great for cats and dogs of any age and activity level. It works by boosting your pet’s immune system, builds antibodies and improves stamina.

Lactose free whole milk powder, whey protein, casein


Weight Amount per day
0-11 kg (0-22 lb) 1/8 tsp 
12-20 kg (23-44 lb) 1/4 tsp
21-30 kg (45-66 lb) 1/2 tsp
31-40 kg (67-88 lb) 2/3 tsp
41-50 kg (89-110 lb) 3/4 tsp
51-60 kg (111-132 lb) 1 tsp

Worms & Parasites
 Natural Wormer