Airborne allergens Heightens fertility Colitis
Enhances vitality Rejuvenates the body    

5.3 oz / 150 g

Bee pollen is nature’s perfect food, containing all essential nutrients for complete and perfect health. My Healthy Pet’s Bee Pollen helps close any dietary nutritional gaps left by even the best pet foods. A natural energy booster, bee pollen rejuvenates the body, stimulates organs and glands, and enhances the overall vitality and well-being of your cat or dog.

100% pure bee pollen.


Weight Amount per day
0-11 kg (0-22 lb) 1/8 tsp 
12-20 kg (23-44 lb) 1/4 tsp
21-30 kg (45-66 lb) 1/2 tsp
31-40 kg (67-88 lb) 2/3 tsp
41-50 kg (89-110 lb) 3/4 tsp
51-60 kg (111-132 lb) 1 tsp

Worms & Parasites
 Natural Wormer