Boosts thyroid, reduces chewing and licking of paws, and can eliminate many skin and coat conditions like hot spots and excessive shedding.

Soothes nerves and reduces anxiety from stressful situations.

Improves nutritional balance, prevents hair balls, promotes hair growth/colour pigmentation and minimizes shedding.
Improves digestion and helps with many common digestive problems.
Relieves symptoms from allergies and digestive problems, rejuvenates the body and improves vitality.
Excellent source of omega 3 and 6, promotes heart health, lowers cholesterol, improves dull coat and eliminates hot spots and many other skin problems.
For all life stages. Boosts the immune system, builds antibodies and helps with weight gain in sick or recovering pets.
For all life stages. Superb source of omega 3 and 6, strengthens immune system, promotes healthy joints, cardiovascular system and coat, relieves dry/itchy skin.
Worms & Parasites
 Natural Wormer